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Monday, January 7, 2013

this winter weather...

     This winter weather just stinks! Lexie was supposed to go to the asthma/allergy doc this past Thursday but instead had a high fever out of nowhere:( I was looking forward to getting a little extra help/wisdom about her asthma, but we will now be going at the end of the month.
     We, at work, have all been sharing this yuck bug that is out there! This weekend I was miserable and Dustin was pretty sick too! Lollie and Pop kept the girls Friday and Saturday night so we could keep our germs to ourselves! They went to Grandma Spickard's on Saturday. All the kids met there to help with the yard pickup. Apparently, after the winter storm, there was a crazy amount of limbs down!  Lexie LOVED helping pickup and organize while Sydney just wanted to play inside! Sounds about right.
Here is Grandma Lexie(90 years young) and little Lexie and Sydney.

     Lexie LOVES making sure things are put up and clean! Our new "game" at night is that each of them "get to" use the real dirt devil and vacuum for about 5 minutes each! They love it and I could use all the help I can get keeping our house clean!
I think I might just buy another! That way one can do one room while the other does another! Sounds good to me:)