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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The things that matter

Before my children were born I was a clean FREAK. I was a organized FREAK. I was one of those who didn't go to bed without all my clothes and dishes put up..yeah, the kind that disgust me now:)  When I taught 2nd grade everyone, including the principal, raved about my organization skills! Let me just say, I don't know what happened?!? Yeah I do, TWINS happened! The greatest things/people in my life happened:) 
Most of the time it doesn't bother me. Probably because I'm too tired to care that its such a mess. But with two toddlers and two inside fur babies, we have a pretty messy life. But then there are the times when I get on a Pinterest and blog(usually organization related) reading frenzy....this always leads me to wanting to vomit and stay awake until crazy hours making list of what needs to be done!
How in the world do these people find the time to do these things?!? I really find myself getting insanely jealous and wanting to throw 90% of the stuff in my house out and start over(minus the hubs, bambinos and pooches).  But then I stand in my messy and unorganized house and I see the things that really DO matter.
I am a great mom.  I know that because my children tell me in so many ways daily. They tell me when they call me crying for the twentieth  hug and kiss before bed. Sydney always wants another  "tight, tight squeeze" and Lexie just needs a whole lotta kisses. They tell me when I get ready to leave in the morning. Goodbye hugs and kisses have to be done multiple times:) They tell me when we pick them up and Sydney says "Momma, I missed you so very much" and Lexie gives me her most excited face and yells "Mommaaaaaa" and I enter her class. They tell me when they talk about something I have taught them. They tell me when they pray at night and really want to make sure we pray for everyone we know:) I know I'm a good momma because they KNOW Jesus loves them. The fact that my children KNOW their momma and daddy love them unconditionally and they will always be number ONE in our book! 
These are the things that matter. 
I guess human nature will always lead us to comparing ourselves to others while always focusing on the not- so perfect and not the perfect parts of our lives. 
I truly have more than I deserve. An amazing husband and two absolutely perfect bambinos. Incredible family members that love us and help us without us even asking! A beautiful(yet messy) roof over our head and a God that loves us and forgives us! 
I will take all of that over the most clean and organized house around!

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